This small handcrank has a mechanism based in Singer 28k.
The badge reads in German: “ANKER WERKE- A.G.- Marke Fabrik Bielefeld- vorm Hengstenberg & Cº ” It is “formerly Hengstenberg”.

 MUNDLOS, by Anker (Hengstenberg)-Vibrating Shuttle Handcrank ca. 1900-15

Serial #: 828.952

Condition: Working- Decals worn off.

An old  type  stitch regulator handle that reminds Jones’ and Wertheim’s ones:Bielefeld is the same german town of Dürkopp.

To know more:
I found only a notice about Hengstenberg in the web: www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/3081/hengst_1.jpg