DÜRKOPP-  “El Hogar y la Moda”, June, 15, 1923

DÜRKOPP  model  93

SINGER- “Nuevo Mundo”, April 7, 1910 “Any model for 2,50 Pesetas each week”

"The private life of your home, depends above all, Madame, of the personal touch that give your Singer works".

SINGER-NAUMANN-CABIRO "Maribel", September, 3, 1935, Buenos Aires

SINGER- 1920's- Do you know the modern system of sewing by electricity? Do you know the most effective method to keep the eyes in good health? Adopt for your sewing machine, either treadle or handcrank, the power engine "Singer" and the "Luzsinger" ("Lightsinger"), and you'll be able to sew without any effort, and will protect your eyes"…